Small changes to great happiness


    How to solve our human problems
    Small changes, great happiness

Meditation Class in English Every Thursday

with Rachel Quinn

Do you ever feel like sometimes you just need to stop and catch your breath?

Sometimes modern life can seem hectic, busy and stressful and we can often feel anxious, stressed and under pressure. 

These meditation classes will help you to pacify and calm your mind and lead you to develop deeper states of concentration that will enable you to connect with your own inner peace.

If we integrate meditation into our busy lives, we can learn to gradually transform our negative states of mind into positive ways of thinking that can profoundly affect the way we feel and interact with others.

Taking a little time every day to pacify your own mind will help you to feel more grounded, more confident, more attentive and loving.

The classes, taught in English, will guide you through simple meditations that you can easily practice at home and help you learn techniques to increase your levels of happiness, reduce feelings of anger and anxiety and improve your general sense of well-being.

If you’ve never meditated or if you’d like to improve your technique, join us on Thursdays in our meditation centre in Triana, KMC Seville.

Everybody welcome!


  • Thursday 27 Oct – The real source of happiness
  • Thursday 3 Nov – Connect with your own inner peace
  • Thursday 10 Nov – Discovering the power of the mind
  • Thursday 17 Nov – Learnig to let go
  • Thursday 24 Nov– How we should view our suffering: the first noble truth

What happens at a meditation class?

Our classes and courses are open to everyone and everyone is welcome. They generally have three elements:

  • Guided Meditation
    Every class includes a chance to practise meditation. No prior experience, special equipment or special clothes are necessary – just come as you are. We meditate sitting on chairs & all the meditations are guided.
  • Talk
    From Buddha’s teachings, these practical talks help us to solve our daily problems and find peace, happiness and, if we wish, a deeper purpose in our busy lives.
  • Ask questions
    A chance to ask questions and discuss the topic of the talk and the meditation with others if you’d like to.


  • Where?

    Centro de Meditación Kadampa – KMC Sevilla. C/ Castilla 93, Sevilla

  • When?

    Thursday, 19.30-20.45h

  • Contact Us

    Telephone & WhatsApp: 645 15 67 38

What will you learn?


  • How to meditate step by step
  • Relationship between our atitude and our experiences
  • How to generate inner peace and a clear mind through meditation


KMC Seville is a registered charity and is run entirely by volunteers both Buddhist and non Buddhist for the benefit of the people of Seville. Members and friends help with their economical support. If you enjoy our classes and courses and are interested in regularly attending, becoming a member is the most economical way to enjoy all of our events at the time you help to support the centre.